There are always exceptions to the rule with Koi and Goldfish Ponds,
but these are some of the main problems we see when we go out to
look at other people's ponds and water gardens. We have listed these
to help future pond builders not make these mistakes and to help
current pond owners be able to correct any problems they might have
for healthier and happier fish.  

1.  Green Water - Everyone should have clear water in the winter
because of the cold weather. When the weather warms up and the
algae starts to bloom, people can't see their fish unless they feed
them. If your fish start to have a problem, it is usually to late to treat
them because you could not see the problem for the green water. You
can have clear water year round with a U.V. Light,
guaranteed. You
should want to see your fish year round even though they may not
want to see you.......=)
( U.V. Light Link )

2.  U.V. Bulb Replacement - You can turn your U.V. bulb off in the
winter to save the lamp and get a few more months out of it. The
problem is most people just change the bulb and not the rubber o-rings
that seal it and keep the water out. Once water gets in, it usually shorts
out the bulb and power supply which can cost a lot to replace. The
rubber gaskets for most U.V. lights are less than $25.00.
( U.V. Parts
Link )

3.  Too shallow - A shallow pond invites birds and other animals to
feast on your fish. The fish do not have anywhere to try to hide and a
Heron has a lot of patience. You can put a net over your pond, but that
takes away from the natural beauty. Try to make your pond at least 3
feet deep and even have a deeper part if you can with steep sides.

4. Rocks in the bottom of your pond - Not sure why people do this. The
algae grows over the top of the rocks, the fish waste and other stuff
gets trapped down in the rocks and
can't be filtered out. I asked a pond
installer one time why he put rocks in the bottom of the pond and he
said "The customer has to call us at least once a year to clean out their
pond,....... job security". It is much better to put in a bottom drain. If
you do not have a bottom drain now, you can easily install one without
cutting your liner with a retro fit bottom drain. A properly installed
bottom drain and you will never have to clean out your pond again.
(Other Pond Needs Link)

5. Everyone who installs their first pond wishes they had made it
bigger. It only cost a little bit more to make your pond bigger the first
time. It cost a lot more to start over with a bigger pond. For instance...
a U.V. Light for an 1100 gallon pond is $274.88 and a U.V. Light for a
1600 gallon pond is $293.80, only $18.92 more. If you put in a 1100
gallon pond and want to upgrade to a bigger pond, your 1100 gallon
U.V. light is now too small and you have to purchase a bigger U.V. light.

6.   Pond Owners feed their fish way to much  -  We would love to sell
you lots of fish food, but the more you feed your fish the more likely
problems will develop. The more the fish eat the more waste and
ammonia they produce. The more wasted food just floating around the
better chance for disease. The fish food should be gone in less than 5
minutes. If there is still food floating after 5 minutes, cut back on the

7.  Dead spots in their pond. You should try to keep all the water in
your pond moving a little bit. If you have a section of your pond where
the water is just sitting there, it is not being filtered. Sometimes a plant
will help, but it is better to add another pump or figure out another way
to get the water moving so it can be filtered.

8.  Deep Pond with just a skimmer -
This has shown up a lot. Fish die
because they are swimming near the bottom and most of the water is
being filtered at the top with the skimmer. There really is nothing
pulling the water off of the bottom to be filtered. Most people test their
water from the top and it shows everything is fine but nothing is
filtering the deeper water. Adding a bottom drain or a deeper pump will
help stir the water up.

9. Buying fish from everywhere - We have to confess that our oldest
and largest fish came from Walmart 18 years ago. It is just that every
time you buy a new fish from somewhere else, you are taking a huge
chance of exposing your other fish to new diseases. It is kind of like
sending your child off to day care for the first time and exposing him or
her to the other kids. If you get a new fish, try to have a quarantine
tank set up. I know of one guy who bought a cute little 3 inch Koi from
a pet store and every fish in his pond died except the cute little Koi.

10. Just one pump -  It never fails that when you go out of town your
pump quits working and your fish have no oxygen. We highly
recommend two pumps. If one pump goes out, the other will provide
oxygen until you can get it replaced.
We have one pump going to our filter and the other running through
our U.V. Light at the other end of the pond. This also helps keep the
water circulating better.

We put this together hopefully to help pond owners and their fish be
happy. As we said in the beginning, there are exceptions, these are just
our thoughts from our experience.